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Introduction to Research Institute

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    We create new services with creative mind.

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    We show direction of quality control, and qualitative management to customers.

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    We aim for higher goals through challenge.

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    We provide the best service for customer satisfaction.

Introduction to Research Institute

The Purpose of Establishing The
Jaymaster Affiliated Research Institute

Introduction to Research Institute

Jaymaster focuses on the importance of building landscaping management to affect our everyday lives and the work performance of workers.
It is because people know that trees and flowers that are well maintained and managed will make people's minds feel comfortable and that their work efficiency will also rise.
Jaymaster thinks that the landscape of the building that you think will be fun in the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter, while maintaining aesthetic beauty and maintaining high standards of management.
To meet such conditions, Jaymaster works with a variety of professionals.
Jaymaster Tree Hospital uses Germany's PiCUS specialized tree diagnostic equipment to diagnose and treat the condition and disease of trees.
Corporate Affiliate Research Institute periodically checks the status of each customer's center tree, etc., and analyzes collected samples to prevent pests and diseases, and study ways to maintain the original growth of trees.
The technology that beautifully manages the landscape and keeps the great harmony is why Jaymaster has been loved in the field of building landscaping management for the last 32 years.
The aim of Jaymaster Landscape Research Institute is to achieve a loved landscape environment in harmony with buildings.