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Tree Management and Facility Management Schedule by Period

시기별 수목관리 및 시설관리 공정표

Landscape Management Details

  • Seasonal Field-based tree care system
  • Tree decline recovery treatment
  • Outdoor, indoor plants planting & management
  • Eco-friendly control system
  • Professional lawn care
  • Landscape facilities management
  • Planting defeat inspection & consulting, reporting
  • Tree risk management
  • Landscape remodeling & design proposal

Theorem of Terms

  • Trimming pruning - The work of pruning and organizing trees by considering the beauty, tree physiology, and growth of trees for the purpose of afforestation of trees.
  • Weeding - Removing Weeds Growing in a Plant.
  • Lawn mowing - Mow the grass to the proper height for the purpose of careful cultivation of grass, maintaining a uniform surface, and preventing weeds.
  • Lawn manuring - Spraying fertilizer etc. to aid the growth of grass.
  • Manuring of trees - Fertilizing organic fertilizer to promote the growth of the tree and to revitalize the weakened tree.
  • Pest control - Spraying medicines, microorganisms, etc. to prevent pathogens from invading trees, to prevent the outbreak of the disease and to prevent the spread after the occurrence by killing or otherwise inhibiting pathogens already attached to or on the surface of a tree, also to minimize the damage caused by pests.
  • Irrigation - Water cycle (supply of adequate moisture) conducted on grafted trees, grasses, and superflowers considering soil condition and plant growth condition for healthy growth of plants in long term drought.
  • Winterizing - Taking necessary measures for wintering to ensure that transplanting trees and herbivores adapt to the winter environment.

Arbor Management

Seasonal tree management overview

Seasonal tree management overview

Landscape Management Annual Detail Work

  • 1月
    • Cut dead tree branch off
    • Dead tree removal
    • Leaf debris clean up
    • Outdoor pot wintering
  • 2月
    • Pre-emergent
    • Ground cover
    • Flower bed
    • Pruning pine tree
  • 3月
    • Groundcover edging
  • 4月
    • General pest control
  • 5月
    • Mowing turf
    • General pest control
  • 6月
    • General pest control
    • Trimming shrub
  • 7月
    • General pest control
  • 8月
    • General pest control
    • Trimming shrub
  • 9月
    • General pest control
    • Weed control
  • 10月
    • Fertilize
  • 11月
    • Pruning of evergreen tree
  • 12月
    • Pruning of deciduous tree
    • Pre-Winter Clean-up, remaining plant material
    • Protecting outdoor Pots and Planters Over Winter
    • Protecting of cold-short plants(frost-proof)

* This Landscape Management Plan was designed to help the client understand the work to be maintained annually for the existing planted trees, so please just refer to it.