Rooftop Landscape

Rooftop landscaping has attracted much attention as an alternative to increase the amount of green space in the downtown area where it is difficult to secure more ground-based green areas along with the aspect of utilizing the artificial land to construct an artificial structure, an artificial terrain, a soil layer of the geology, to plant the plant, or to make the water space, to secure the green space. The roof space is relatively uniform and simple. However, the user characteristics will vary depending on the purpose of the building, so the usage pattern and preference of the roof space will be different and we take this into consideration in order to activate the use of the roof space.

Rooftop Landscape
Rooftop Landscape

Rooftop parks have various effects and functions. With the increasing heat wave and climate change, the urban heat wave is deepening and the need to supplement and prepare for the reduction of citizens' resting space, the rooftop park itself becomes a park, creating space for leisure activities such as rest, rest and hobbies, and enables efficient space utilization. Energy is saved by blocking the sun and insulating the building and it is possible to mitigate the urban heat island phenomenon by securing the green area of the roof.

In addition, we can not ignore that the rooftop park can be used to restore the urban ecosystem and improve the environment in order to compensate for the loss of habitat for plants and animals in the inner city due to the high-rise density of the city. On the other hand, as eco-friendly marketing strategies are spreading, the introduction of plants in a commercial space can have a positive effect on management as well as image enhancement. Manager of commercial space has come to recognize that creating a pleasant and fun atmosphere for consumers who spend their time in commercial space is important in marketing strategy and therefore, most of them installed observation decks, gardens and rest areas on the roof


Biotop is a term that combines "vios," meaning life, and "topos," meaning land or territory in Greek, which means a common habitat for various species, including humans and animals. In order to help the creatures inhabit and move around in the Biotope Garden, Jaymaster is a variety of artifacts or natural objects that exist in the city center, such as forests, trees, marshes, streams, and flower beds, which give life to the inner city garden.

Function and Effect of Biotope

1. It connects broken green and wetlands to enhance the city's ecological function, thus improving the environment and creating areas of activities for plants and animals.
2. It has the function of preserving and protecting the ecosystem.
3. The creation of habitats brings back animals and plants that grow in cities.
4. In the city, Biotope maintains equilibrium in natural environment.

Smoking Area

According to the National Health Promotion Act, non-smoking areas have been designated since 1995 and thus are required to install non-smoking areas, but it's discretion to create a smoking area. Compared to 20 years ago, the gaze to look at smoking has changed a great deal and even in the '90s, smoking was common in offices, cafes, and other indoor spaces, but now, smoking indoors is rarely. Jaymaster has a one-stop service that estimates, suggests and constructs smoking areas for buildings and surrounding environments for the health of employees and the convenience of people who smoke.