Indoor Landscape Management

Indoor air is becoming more important because modern people spend more than 80 percent of their lives indoors a day. However, the space available for accessing nature is getting smaller and smaller. Also the urban space that now forms our society is absolutely lacking in rest space where the behavior of human beings, who are the subject can be considered.

The effects of indoor plants

1. Indoor air pollutants are purified
2. Fine dust and harmful substances are reduced in indoor air.
3. It acts as an air conditioner in summer and a heating and humidifier in winter.
4. Carbon dioxide and electromagnetic waves are reduced.
5. Improve your work efficiency.
6. Volatile substances in plants stabilize the mind and body.
7. Fatigue and stress are reduced.
8. It is effective for your health by producing anions.
The effects of indoor plants

Indoor landscaping management focus

  • 1. Environment-friendly Pest control and Prevention
    • Changed in Plant and Tree Control Qualifications due to Revision of the Forest Protection Act
    • Staff from the tree hospital belonging to the head office are dispatched to respond promptly and more professionally in the event of a pest outbreak
    • Local pest infestation is self-managed by the resident staff through pest and disease monitoring activities at all times
  • 2. Regular update of plant status compared to drawings
    • Identify plants against plant layouts at all times and report and update when changes occur
  • 3. Regular work reporting
    • Prepare regular monthly work completion details and work plan to report the work regularly and Immediately reflect other enhancements and improvements
  • 4. Dress Differentiation of the Resident staff and strengthening of education
    • Provide better service by giving a sense of belonging and pride through differentiation and unification of work clothes of resident and non-resident staff
    • Strengthen education to prevent obstruction of work or moving lines in plant management or plant management building, Microbes near roots, Source: National Institute of Horticultural Science, the Rural Development Administration
Source: National Institute of Horticultural Science, the Rural Development Administration

Office pots regular management / Plant rental service / Indoor garden care in buildings

Management of executive room pots / Lobby pot management / Office pots & plants management / Indoor garden care in buildings

Jaymaster regularly performs irrigation and leaf cleaning, pest control in consideration of species, temperature, and season. We have proven management of plants and trees through know-how accumulated from the operation of Jay Master Tree Hospital(Forest business corporation (Seoul 2014-022). We propose some kinds of office flowerpot considering fine dust removal as top priority and also carry out regular seasonal plant replacement and management in detail to enhance the health, aesthetic and emotional stability of corporate executives and employees.

Office pots regular management / Plant rental service / Indoor garden care in buildings

Installation of large indoor flower pots

Renting large flower pots is a convenient service for busy modern people to use for ornamental, healing, and interior design without hassle. Large flowerpot management is a service that is provided by JAYMATE, a professional plant management company, to manage plants and plants on a regular basis. For those interested in potting or interior effects, we install them in a company lobby or in a special place. Because they are large in size and expensive in price, it is advisable to have the maintenance of JAYMATE, a plant specialist. JAYMATE, a professional plant management company, visits regularly and manages them systematically, so it is used by many companies. Even if you don't have any knowledge of large flowerpots, the benefits of large flowerpots management services are to recommend suitable flowerpots for your company's business or building interior, so we can create and maintain a beautiful environment at the optimum cost. In addition, it acts as a natural humidifier and can cope with environmentally friendly removal of fine dust. JAYMATE is Jaymaster's professional plant manager. Recommended tree - Oak rubber tree, Areca palm, Indian rubber tree, Hong Kong palm, Goldcrest wilma, Happy tree, Yucca tree, Alokacia, Stuckyi, Olive tree, Emerald tree.

Installation of large indoor flower pots
Management details
Remarks Period Management method
Irrigation Once a week The water is irrigated by considering species of trees, temperature, and plant conditions and seasonal characteristics.
Leaf Once a month Maintain cleanliness and increase ornamental value
Cleansing Occasionally Preventing and remediating insect damage caused by poor ventilation, etc.
Control Occasionally Promote plant growth and increase coronary value
Pruning Once a week Maintain air humidity and remove dust
Nutrients Occasionally Prevent Poor growth condition due to lack of nutrition
Cleaning Once a week Remove foreign substances from plants and pots and keep them clean
Replacement Occasionally Replace same or similar types within one week (excluding holidays)

※ We manage your valuable plants and pots through regular plant management services once a week.

Vertical Garden / Wall greening

Greening that breathe life into the walls of a normal building may require professional gardening techniques and advanced use. Sometimes small ideas can change the atmosphere of the office and the building greatly and vertical gardens and walls that have recently been attracting attention can be a good alternative. Jaymaster offers vertical gardens and wall greening that can be landmarks for offices and buildings in a variety of sizes and species and Jay-mate, a professional indoor botanist, visits regularly and provides systematic and scientific maintenance. Sometimes small interests can bring unexpected results. Change can begin with a small attempt to put a flowerpot in an ordinary space. Vertical garden and wall greening can be installed both indoors and outdoors and in consideration of the four seasons of Korea, we propose a sustainable garden, also we select proven plant species that are excellent in eliminating fine dust and design them for easy growth and maintenance.

Vertical Garden / Wall greening
Vertical Garden / Wall greening
  • Indoor landscaping / Interior green interior design

    Interior landscape design, Interior Landscape Design & Construction, Flowerpot installation, Event, Space production

    Indoor landscaping / Interior green interior design
  • Flower decoration & design

    Flower centerpiece for information desk, executive office, etc. Orchid, artificial flower display

    Flower decoration & design

Principle of Air Purification

1. Pollutants absorbed into the leaves are removed as metabolites and some of them are moved to roots and used as a source of nutrition for myopia in the soil.
2. The environment is purified by emission materials such as anions, scents and oxygen, etc. and the air humidity rises by the evaporation and the ambient temperature is regulated.
3. Microorganisms decompose organic matter and provide it as a plant nutrient source and root effluent(Up to 45% of photosynthetic acid) plays a role of mutual symbiosis as a nutrient source of microorganisms. VOCs in indoor air are removed by microbes at the root.
4. As a result of increased production, negative pressure is formed in the soil of the pot, and contaminated air is moved and then is removed by microbes and soil adsorption at the root.
Principle of Air Purification

Plant Care Service Vehicles

  • Plant Care Service Vehicles
  • Plant Care Service Vehicles