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Operation of Jaymaster Tree Clinic

Operation of Jaymaster Tree Clinic


Jaymaster tree doctor, through the professional training course and years of experience, diagnose the cause of tree weakness and causes of damage due to tree pests,air pollution, weather and physiological damages such as the shape of trees and their status and prescriptions and measures are implemented for recovery of trees,prevention of damage and spread.


They take care of protected trees, old trees, Dangsan tree, rare trees, good pine forest and restore debilitated trees.


We use PICUS Tomography which investigate the internal conditions of the tree by using sonic tomography sound waves.

Operating Items
Operating Items

This relates to the health of the tree as it relates to the density of the tree, which calculates the width/time inside the tree and combines the acoustical data recorded during the assessment with the measured tree structure.
6 ~ 8 SONIC sensors of Electronic Hammer enable accurate diagnosis.

Operating Items

If the trees are healthy during the growing season, the formation layer contains a lot of moisture and cation, then we can manage the health of the tree by measuring the water and cation content by flowing ultrasound and electrical signals to the areas where the trees are dying and disease is observed.

Operating Items

Tree doctors of Jaymaster tree clinicl, report the diagnosis result report after diagnosing the wash of the trees through PiCUS Tomogaphy.

Major Work

  • 01

    Consulting Service

    • Plant location, species suitability
    • Current tree health status
    • Tree hazards review
    • Damages of trees due to major movements
    • Recommendation of alternative species
    • Review of tree changes according to building renovation
    • Review of artificial damage
    • Protection of trees due to surrounding building construction, Expected Damage Review
    • The extraction of arboreal defects after the completion of the construction & report
  • 02

    Dignostic Service

    • Site-focused inspection
    • Use specialists & professional equipment
    • In-depth analysis using the latest equipment
    • Identification and investigation of pests
    • Search for abiotic damage
    • Investigation of physiological singularities of trees
    • Soil analysis
    • Understand management history through reading of management history and manager interview
  • 03

    Treatment Service

    • Pest control
    • Prevention and improvement measures for abiotic damage
    • Arbor surgery
    • Soil improvement
    • Branch injection
  • 04

    Tree Risk Management

    • Unhealthy tree diagnosis and consulting
    • Dead wood & branch removal
    • Maintenance of old big trees & giant tree around buildings
    • Pre-maintenance of trees with a risk of falling against typhoons and strong winds
    • Pre-maintenance of defective trees
    • Introduction and realization of cabling, Bracing, Propping technique
    • Introduction of Polling, Copping Techniques for the Landscape Management pruning sector
    • Tree clinic arbor surgery sector, Introduction and realization of bud transplanting(Experiments, exercises, and training are required in advance)