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Landscape Business Department

We design the space the client wants with the best design, and construction expert group.

Landscape Facility Installation Work

Made with various materials and methods, you can create a more beautiful landscaping space with landscape planting.
Creating a wonderful landscape space with landscape planting.

Landscape Facility Installation Work
  • Pergola & pavilion installation
  • Smoking Area Installation
  • Floor fountain installation, ecological pond formation
  • Stone mountain, rock park installation
  • Bench (normal chair, back chair setting)
  • Artificial Grass, Rubber Chips Paving
  • Artificial Granite Block Paving
  • Granite, boundary stone installation
  • Exercise equipment installation
  • Children's Playground Installation
  • Fine sand soil pavement(Formation of promenade)
  • Wood deck packing, stone construction
  • Planting Section Q.C.Valve Installation
  • Drip irrigation works
  • Drainage route(Stormwater, wastewater hole) installation work
  • Indoor wall greening
Landscape Facility Installation Work

* 7 design professionals / 9 design professionals / 13 construction professionals
We grasp the needs of human beings and create a pleasant space that gives pleasure and rest.
Furthermore, we pursue jaymaster’s own differentiation.

Landscape Facility Installation Work